The crown jewel of my personal technology education projects! Zabbix is where I learned how to setup a monitoring system and how to monitor critical technology infrastructure for 24/7 365 uptime and maintain optimal performance. Without Zabbix I would not understand the basics of maintaining a SaaS environment.

To view my journey with Zabbix you can read part 1 and part 2. - version 1

This is my first deep dive into creating a platform to act as an extension of my resume. was initially created to showcase my understanding of technology in the enterprise and function as platform for my future learning endeavours! Main focus of this project was to get a Nodejs base website up and running, everything else is extra. originally used the following technology stack: - version 2

After playing with version 1 of the site, I realized that hosting blog content on version 1 would be a huge undertaking. The second iteration uses a VPS running on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS from Linode. Ghost is installed on the Ubuntu VPS to provide blogs in a easily read manner. - version 3

The major focus of version 3 was to utilize AWS and docker containers to provide a highly available and fault tolerant website. I used the Ghost container in Docker Hub and uploaded it to my ECR repository. Version 3 utilizes the following AWS services and Docker image:

Smashing Dashboard

Created to cleanly present critical metrics for business team usage. Based on the smashing (formerly dashing) dashboard framework. Runs on the Ruby based Sinatra framework to show dynamic graphs and data.

To populate with data, monitored systems must interact with the dashing api to track data metrics.

Prometheus + Grafana

New monitoring tool and replacement for Zabbix. The shift to Prometheus was sparked because of its ability to monitor non-immutable resources and it's integration with cloud providers.

Prometheus alone leaves a lot to be desired especically on its vizualization front. However when combined with Grafana, it can provide an amazing view into my technology estate.

You can read up on my adventure setting it up here.